Healthy or Unhealthy ??

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken!!! Yes!!
I love fried chicken so much. I know it’s not healthy. But it’s universal understanding that Bad thing is tasty…γ€€ Sometimes you need a release from your HEALTHY meal. Your mental craves Junk,fried stuff or other unhealthy food.
At least, I try to make it healthier… I gave the chicken thighs salty-spiced bath from morning to evening, and gave a layer of coat with milk and whole wheat flour. Deep fry them in fresh olive oil. Very simple, southern style fried chicken. A lot healthier than KFC or Popeye, I believe.

Fried Chicken Thigh with Vegetables.

For the side, I prepared boiled corn, asparagus, carrots and Salad. I should’ve made cole slow for the real southern style, but my hubby doesn’t like mayo either vinegar that much, so I barely make it.

Cream of Spinach soup

So we started Non carb dinner from yesterday. For most of Asian people, especially for native Asians, Carb(Rice) is very important part of meal. If you skip a bowl of rice, it’s difficult to be satisfied or full. Also Japanese food is high in sodium. Yes, this is true. So if I keep eating Japanese food without rice, it’d be dangerous.

Compare to Japanese food, Western food is mush easier to manage the salt consumption. I think my dining will be more westernized from now. One plate dinner is easier and quicker to make.

Not forgetting about Today’s Bento

Bento of April 16th
Stir fried Bean Vermicelli and some leftover.
Gochisousama deshita! πŸ™‚

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Dream Bento & Dinner April 16th

Ma-po Don & pulled pork Bento

Hello everyone.
First of all, I want to thank you all for visiting, following, liking and commenting on my blog. Every “likes & comments” cheers me up and keeps me posting my food blog. I’m not good at visiting all of your blogs daily, but whenever I can I would. Thank you !!

Dream Bento
The first thing my husband does when he gets back home is bring his empty bento box into a sink. He sometimes leaves me a comment about bento of the day, but usually doesn’t. I know how sad it is, right? (I know he reads my blog, and that’s why I’m complaining. Haha πŸ˜› ) Anyhow, today he said “I got the dream bento today!”. I knew he’d love it!! Pulled pork and Ma-po tofu are the ones he really loves. And he got both in his lunch box today. Of course it was the best bento ever…


Popeye eggs cocotte

My mom called this dish ” Popeye egg “. I think the idea is from ” Popeye the sailor man “, you know, Popeye eat spinach and becomes strong! It’s sauteed spinach and other vegetables and the eggs on the top, broil it for a bit. The eggs should be runny, it’s important.

Curried Flounder

Tomato & Tofu salad

We started ” Non Carb Dinner ” from today. Since the jogging season is started and we don’t want to feel heavy when we jog.(Usually we jog after dinner.Like after 2hrs later) Hope we can be in better shape after a few months!

Gochisousama deshita!!

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Bento Box & Dinner April 15th

Leftovers from last night

Good thing about me is I usually don’t drag my bad feeling to next day. If I’m in really bad mood in the next morning, it means something… This morning I woke up with OK feeling. Somehow recuperated from the crushes from yesterday πŸ™‚

Speaking of bad luck day, actually this year, 2013 should be the worst year in my whole life according to a Japanese belief. It says that 32 years old (in Asian age 33yrs old) is a critical year for women. 19yrs old and 36 yrs old are also said too. The year starts at Lunar New Year. And I’ve figured out that the belief is true… I’ve had so many problems,small or big, and arguments with my husband since then. I know it’s all how I handle the situations, but I lost so much energy to against them. Well, Next Lunar new year is January 31,2014. So only 9 months to go!!

OK,now, go back to food.


Ma-Po Tofu, Tofu & minced pork in spicy sauce
My Ma-po tofu is very spicy, I thing it’s the same level of Szechuanγ€€restaurant’s. I make it from scratch. One of the best recipe of mine.

Sauteed Vegetables

Tomato with onion dressing

Hope tomorrow is good day!! To myself and to you all πŸ™‚

Gochisousama deshita!

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The Worst Sunday Ever & Comfy Food…

Cha-Shu and Gyoza(Dumplings)

Sauteed Tofu, Shitake mushroom and Napa cabbage

Water spinach (空芯菜)

Let’s see the comfort food first. If you had a bad day, what comfort your feeling, heart? Could be sweets,music,excise,talking with your friends or even doing nothing. For me, cooking and eating. It’s not only eating, not only cooking. When both come together, it comforts me. This time I didn’t have much time to go for recherche dish, but something comfortable to me. Cha-shu and gyoza were pre-made and frozen. And other vegetable dishes were my favorites. Luckily I could go to Chinese supermarket yesterday.

What happened was a huge argument with my hubby, messed up schedule, and laundry failure… Laundry failure was kind of funny though… We washed two pillows and one of them got ripped and all the stuffing came out in a washing machine… It looked like fake snow used on the stage set…

Well, the day started out with yummy diner palates. Let me show my favorite in the neighbor diner.

Flap Jack Sandwich ( Home-fry,cheese,omelet btwn pancakes )

I know it sounds so wrong. But it’s addictive for sure… Love it πŸ™‚

This’ my husband dish.
Eggs Benedict.

And all the brunch menu comes with a small cup of juice, coffee or tea, and choice of fruits.
The brunch price is $12,99… Great πŸ˜‰

Gochisousama desita!

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Hangover Saturday’s Meal…

Saturday’s Lunch

Tomato-cream sauce Pasta(Re-creation of tomato stew), grilled mushroom&pork

Well, obviously the big grilled pork is for my husband,,, As I mentioned, I went out with my gal friends Friday night. We actually went to Hooters, only there… We had beers,cocktails and of course wings πŸ˜‰ It was nice time, you know the stuff, right?? Deep girls-talk, some advices for the new bride and welcoming to non-hunting-world… I guess before getting married is hunting season for all the ladies(Maybe for guys too). Once we got married, we become farmers. I believe it’s the way should be. Am I too conservative??

It was a great moment, so I totally forgot to take food pictures… and since I haven’t drunken alcoholic beverage pretty long time, I got a hangover on Saturday. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad. Just an upset stomach… BUT I(we) had to go through so many things for our housing issue. Needed to prepare the stuff, pack the things,shop the stuff and on and on…

Anyways, even though it was sickie, super busy day,I don’t forget Food.
Here’s Dinner

Pulled Pork & Spinach

I cooked pulled pork 2-3weeks ago in a big pot and freeze half of it. It’s an emergency food for me. Just microwave πŸ˜›

Bacon & vegetable soup

Mac & Cheese

I get drawn to mac&cheese when I’m hangover. It’s never happened when I was in Japan. (well, I didn’t know thee mac&cheese though…) What is your special dish for a hangover??

Gochisousama deshita! πŸ™‚

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Bento Box April 12th

Grilled Chicken and Cabbage, spinach, carrots(From leftover stew)

Good morning,Everyone πŸ™‚

I will only update Bento Box picture today because I’m going out tonight and might not have time and energy to do anything after. It’s my friend’s Bachelorette party. She is going to get married next Friday. We, several gals, haven’t decided where to go. Could be man strip… Haha

I’ll update more tomorrow. Have a great Friday night!!

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Costco Trip and Regular stuff

What I bought at Costco

Firm Tofu

This is a hidden treasure of Costco. I’m not sure that all the location has the same stuff. Probably not. I’m glad that Costco near my place has this Firm Tofu. I used to buy only silky tofu just because my mom did when I lived in Japan. So I brought the habit into my cuisine until I found this tasty,yet, reasonably priced tofu at Costco. There are three packs in a box and each pack has four Tofu Curds, and the price is only $3.85…. Great Deal πŸ™‚

Since this is firm tofu, it is easy to handle when I cook. It used to be kind of difficult to grill or fry it. So I basically put silky tofu only in soup or salad. But now, I can do Tofu Stake, Fried Tofu, of course salad and soup!! It is perfect to me when I don’t want to eat meat,but my husband wants.I don’t feel good eating only salad&rice right next to him eating meaty meal… I want something filling. Then Tofu, here it comes.

Also my regular in the shopping list is Spinach. Last time was the cheapest price I’ve ever seen. A big bag was only $3.89!! I should’ve bought 2 bags but I didn’t… And this time, it was $4.99. Still reasonable though.

And some fish. It could be Tilapia, Salmon or Flounder. Depends on my feeling and price. I bought flounder for today. I plan to go to Chinatown this weekend, and maybe I will get salmon there if it’s fresh and cheaper.(Actually, Fish and Vegetables are fresher and cheaper in Chinatown than local supermarkets).

O.K. now, let’s move to the regular stuff…

Bento Box
Oyako Don a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs


Grilled flounder, Sauteed spinach

Tomato stew with Chicken
Gochisousama deshita πŸ™‚

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