Bento Box and Dinner April 18th

Vegetable Pasta & Fried Chicken

I’m going to update pictures only since I need to sleep early. I’m going to give my friend ,who is going to have her wedding, facial massage before she apply Make-Up for her special day. Why am I doing it? Is that because I’m her friend? Yes, she’s my friend and also that’s my official job. I’m an Esthetician. I want to help her to have the best condition, better complexion and absolutely No bloated face from lack of sleep. Face massage can help these problem a lot. Maybe I would post some tips of how to massage later when I have time.



I made “Nabe(Hot Pot)” for dinner. For Nabe, you can throw anything you want. Meat, fish, vegetables, tofu, etc… I put Napa cabbage, shitake mushroom, pork meatball, water spinach, tofu and scallion. Forgot to add Tilapia… I think it’s like a stew for western people. When you have a bunch of stuff in a fridge and you need to cook them as soon as possible, you put all you have into a big pot with soup stock. No??


It looks a mess… However, more stuff, more flavor. I don’t care about look for Nabe.

Gochisousama deshita! 🙂


About MMtable

Welcome to my blog! My name is MM and I was born in Osaka, Japan. However, I live in N.Y. with my big-eater husband and a Queen cat... Love eating,cooking and all kind of activities involves FOOD. Even just walking around in a super market... Huge respect to all the lives I intake daily. Try not to waste them in my kitchen.
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2 Responses to Bento Box and Dinner April 18th

  1. Liz says:

    Love this Nabe, just throw in anything you want, sounds great. Must give it a try one of these lazy days!

    • pannamari616 says:

      Yes, Nabe is perfect for lazy day dinner. One of my favorite (lazy) nabe is sausage,cabbage and mushrooms with Knorr chicken soup. Of course you can put what ever you want, but this is the laziest.

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