Dream Bento & Dinner April 16th

Ma-po Don & pulled pork Bento

Hello everyone.
First of all, I want to thank you all for visiting, following, liking and commenting on my blog. Every “likes & comments” cheers me up and keeps me posting my food blog. I’m not good at visiting all of your blogs daily, but whenever I can I would. Thank you !!

Dream Bento
The first thing my husband does when he gets back home is bring his empty bento box into a sink. He sometimes leaves me a comment about bento of the day, but usually doesn’t. I know how sad it is, right? (I know he reads my blog, and that’s why I’m complaining. Haha 😛 ) Anyhow, today he said “I got the dream bento today!”. I knew he’d love it!! Pulled pork and Ma-po tofu are the ones he really loves. And he got both in his lunch box today. Of course it was the best bento ever…


Popeye eggs cocotte

My mom called this dish ” Popeye egg “. I think the idea is from ” Popeye the sailor man “, you know, Popeye eat spinach and becomes strong! It’s sauteed spinach and other vegetables and the eggs on the top, broil it for a bit. The eggs should be runny, it’s important.

Curried Flounder

Tomato & Tofu salad

We started ” Non Carb Dinner ” from today. Since the jogging season is started and we don’t want to feel heavy when we jog.(Usually we jog after dinner.Like after 2hrs later) Hope we can be in better shape after a few months!

Gochisousama deshita!!


About MMtable

Welcome to my blog! My name is MM and I was born in Osaka, Japan. However, I live in N.Y. with my big-eater husband and a Queen cat... Love eating,cooking and all kind of activities involves FOOD. Even just walking around in a super market... Huge respect to all the lives I intake daily. Try not to waste them in my kitchen.
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