Costco Trip and Regular stuff

What I bought at Costco

Firm Tofu

This is a hidden treasure of Costco. I’m not sure that all the location has the same stuff. Probably not. I’m glad that Costco near my place has this Firm Tofu. I used to buy only silky tofu just because my mom did when I lived in Japan. So I brought the habit into my cuisine until I found this tasty,yet, reasonably priced tofu at Costco. There are three packs in a box and each pack has four Tofu Curds, and the price is only $3.85…. Great Deal 🙂

Since this is firm tofu, it is easy to handle when I cook. It used to be kind of difficult to grill or fry it. So I basically put silky tofu only in soup or salad. But now, I can do Tofu Stake, Fried Tofu, of course salad and soup!! It is perfect to me when I don’t want to eat meat,but my husband wants.I don’t feel good eating only salad&rice right next to him eating meaty meal… I want something filling. Then Tofu, here it comes.

Also my regular in the shopping list is Spinach. Last time was the cheapest price I’ve ever seen. A big bag was only $3.89!! I should’ve bought 2 bags but I didn’t… And this time, it was $4.99. Still reasonable though.

And some fish. It could be Tilapia, Salmon or Flounder. Depends on my feeling and price. I bought flounder for today. I plan to go to Chinatown this weekend, and maybe I will get salmon there if it’s fresh and cheaper.(Actually, Fish and Vegetables are fresher and cheaper in Chinatown than local supermarkets).

O.K. now, let’s move to the regular stuff…

Bento Box
Oyako Don a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs


Grilled flounder, Sauteed spinach

Tomato stew with Chicken
Gochisousama deshita 🙂


About MMtable

Welcome to my blog! My name is MM and I was born in Osaka, Japan. However, I live in N.Y. with my big-eater husband and a Queen cat... Love eating,cooking and all kind of activities involves FOOD. Even just walking around in a super market... Huge respect to all the lives I intake daily. Try not to waste them in my kitchen.
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