Sunday Adventure… Saag Curry and Dutch Apple Pie.

Usually weekend’s cooking is simple, a bit more meatier(since we go to gym on weekends) than weekday and most importantly easy&quick(just because I have to cook at least twice a day…). However, Sometimes I want to try something new or something takes too much time or effort for the weekdays dinner.

Tthis time, it’s Saag Curry (Indian Spinach Curry) and Dutch Apple Pie.

Saag Curry, my favorite Indian Dish.
Served with Grilled Chicken & Brown Rice


This green dish can be vegetarian if you avoid cow yogurt or cream. The ingredients are ” onion, tomato, spinach, garlic, ginger, cream or yogurt and spice”. It takes time if you didn’t have a food processor because this dish involve many chopping process.
In an Indian restaurant, there are choices of Chicken, Potato or Paneer(Indian Cheese). Usually I choose Paneer. It’s so delicious!! Unfortunately I didn’t have it in my fridge, so I substituted with chicken.

Dutch Apple Pie , still in preparation…

Sliced Apple tossed with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon powder.

I just finished preparing Pie Crust and Fillings(Fried-Apple). They need to be cool down before they get together and to be baked. Waiting the right timing to be a perfect sweet couple 🙂

Fun will start soon…!


About MMtable

Welcome to my blog! My name is MM and I was born in Osaka, Japan. However, I live in N.Y. with my big-eater husband and a Queen cat... Love eating,cooking and all kind of activities involves FOOD. Even just walking around in a super market... Huge respect to all the lives I intake daily. Try not to waste them in my kitchen.
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One Response to Sunday Adventure… Saag Curry and Dutch Apple Pie.

  1. Your saag looks awesome and delicious. It’s one of my favorite indian dishes as well! If you know of any good saag recipes, feel free to pass them on my way!

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