Osechi Makeover

The atmosphere of the holidays is fading away. Probably the most of people are back to their regular schedule from today or already back last week.

Hope every reader enjoyed the holidays!

Also hope that you didn’t gain weights from the fabulous meals of the holidays though…

I love any holiday meals. it’s very heartwarming to see that every family carries their own traditions and it’s passing to the younger generations.

Anyway, I baked two different kind of muffins a few days ago. One is banana muffins and the other one is Sweet potato, chestnut and black bean muffins.

I make banana bread, muffins or pancakes pretty often.

You probably know the reason. Whenever I have over ripe bananas in my hand, I make them. And this time I just had some leftovers from osechi so I just used them.

It turned out GREAT! The texture is denser than banana muffins but it’s packed with flavor!!

My son loves it and my husband who doesn’t like sweet potato, chestnut either sweet black beans also likes it!

The one of the bigger pressure after holidays is leftovers for sure!

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Happy New Year!

It’s been so long. There were many changes in my life for those years. I lost my queen cat, changed my work field… and became a mother of son.

I’d like to restart my blog and this time hope to keep up posting!

Osechi to start a new year.

  • Black beans
    Mushed sweet potato and chestnuts
  • Miso flavored branzino
  • White and pink fish cake
    • Smoked salmon sushi in a cup
    • Stewed chicken and vegetables
    • Vinegared lotus roots
    • Grilled shrimp
    • Simmered baby taro
    • Sushi bites

    I made sushi bites for my son but unfortunately he didn’t like them😢

    Gochisou samadeshita!

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    Bento May 24th.


    Bean noodle with vegetables, grilled Chicken.

    I made a waffle plate this morning, so I didn’t want to give my husband too much of carbohydrate since we already had it. 
    In any case when I want to decrease intake of carb, I use bean noodle. It’s very easy to handle, I make soup ( or add some seasonings in water), and put dried noodle (washed, but still hard) in a soup,  and boil it until the noodle observes all the water. 

    Tonight, I have to work till late.  Might prepare dinner for my hubby, if not he is going to get chicken over rice( his favorite) for himself… umm, maybe I can be lazy tonight. :p

    Everyone, Have a great long weekend…

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    Bento May 23rd.


    Sauteed vegetable, simmered eggplant, cha-shu(chinese grilled pork&chicken)

    Cha-shu this time is not home made. I just got it in Chinatown yesterday.
    Whenever I go to Chinatown, I’m surprised with how much I like there and the same time how much I hate there…  Pros in Chinatown are of course, the pricing & variety of products, especially seafood and vegetables.  Nowadays, regular supermarkets in my neighborhood have some asian veges, however,  they can’t beat Chinatown for freshness.  Surprisingly, Chinatown veges are very fresh. Better condition than my neighbors …
    What are cons,,, first of all, the smells. On the streets, in the stores,  whole Chinatown smells really… ewww 😦 
    I guess it’s just because of bad drain system. Buildings are old and too many restaurants in a small area.
    Secondly, there are too many people!!!  Tourists and local people… Around 5pm is the worst time to be there. Working Chinese moms are gathering  to do groceries for dinner and locals or/and tourists are dining out in the same area…  Even cannot walk straight.

    Well, even though I hate Chinatown, I’d not stop going there for great ( cheap) restaurants, cheaper + somehow better quality vegetables…

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    Bento May 22nd.


    Teriyaki chicken, chive omelet, sauteed carrots&corn

    I changed the bento box today for no reason…  This box is actually mine. Now I work on Saturdays all day long, I need to bring lunch and snacks. So I’m using this bento box. 
    By the way, this box was previously my dad’s.  My mom sent this to me since he said the box is too big for him.  Well,,, the size is perfect to me…  Don’t call me big eater… I know I am, haha 🙂

    Anyways, I realized that updating the blog from mobile is pretty convenient.  Now I feel I can keep blogging dairy! !

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    Bento May 21st.


    I know my husband will microwave bento box. He doesn’t eat stuff cold, or raw.(Except salad…)  So today I made “Rice Gratin”.  Mix rice and home made tomato sauce, put it in a bento box, sprinkle mix vegetable, put home made meatballs, sprinkle cheese. During the process, I made heart shape Sunny side egg.

    Whole process took 10mins. Maybe I could add a small container of salad if there were lettuce and tomato.  Unfortunately,  my fridge is now so empty!!! I need to do some refill….

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    Long time no see… Now I’m back !

    It’s been a bit crazy three weeks…

    I started a new job, so basically I juggle three jobs now. And my freelance job got busier for these three weeks…

    It’s been three weeks, and somehow I’ve found the schedule and also got used to it. So I think I can come back blogging constantly from now.

    Being busy doesn’t mean giving up something important for you. I didn’t give up making BENTO for my husband. I forgot to take some of Bento pictures though. And I added a new product,a great product to my lunch box family…
    Here’s new comer, Banana Case

    This is a great invention!! Actually I’ve had this a few years and haven’t used that much… But now I know this is perfect for bringing a banana every where as my or my hubby’s snack!! I think I’m going to buy some more at Amazon.

    And there are the Bento that I made for these three weeks!! some are missing though…

    Steamed fish & Vege, Chive scrambled egg

    Spicy eggplant & Fried Flounder

    Grilled chicken & Vege, vegetable omelet

    Fried flounder, cheesy spinach, boiled egg

    Vege chicken roll, Bean sprout scrambled egg

    Same above & sauteed Chicken

    Sukiyaki (Beef,Kon-nyaku,mushroom in sweet soy sause)

    Fried chicken&fish, sauteed mushrooms, soy sauce broccoli

    Egg omelet, steamed pork&vege

    File-o-fish (home baked bums)

    little salad for sandwich

    Gochisousama deshita !!

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    Congrats For a New Wed Couple !!

    cupcake tree 2

    The Wedding reception was at a wine bar in Lower East Side in NYC. It was very cozy, at-home atmosphere bar, and the wine selection was pretty good. Also the price was nice 🙂

    Since it was very casual, and the couple didn’t decide to have a party until last minute, they forgot about The Wedding cake until I mention about it. No cake, No Happiness… Well, maybe going too far… Anyhow, I thought it’s better to have some sweet thing for their party, so I offered to prepare the cake for them.It was last Monday, I looked up the wedding cake online, saw some nice pictures, then of course, they require at least 2 weeks advance. I gave up doing regular cake, and came up with this idea, Cupcake Tree.

    I am glad that I found this great idea. The tree didn’t take up too much space, and no needs of plates and folks!!
    Also I live in NY. There are thousands of cupcake stores. The most famous ones are “Magnolia Bakery“, “Crumbs“. New comer is “Baked By Melissa“. There are more smaller shops all over the city.
    For this tree I’ve traveled tree shops. 1) Magnolia Bakery (light blue&purple cream ),was the must. The bride loves SATC. And Magnolia became popular after they appeared in one of the episodes. 2) Baked By Melissa, was chosen because of their size. They sell only bite size cupcakes. I got 30 of them to fill up the space on the tree. And 3) Brooklyn Cupcake, is my favorite! The best cupcake in NY. One of my friend at the party asked me where I bought the cupcake, and she said it’s the best she’s ever had. If you are in the area, you must try it, then you can see that I’m right or wrong…

    Last week, I had ” Cupcake tour ” all over Manhattan… It was fun but absolutely not healthy.(Except mentally…) I’d be healthier this week and try to balance out.

    Congratulations to Y&J 😉

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    Bento Box and Dinner April 18th

    Vegetable Pasta & Fried Chicken

    I’m going to update pictures only since I need to sleep early. I’m going to give my friend ,who is going to have her wedding, facial massage before she apply Make-Up for her special day. Why am I doing it? Is that because I’m her friend? Yes, she’s my friend and also that’s my official job. I’m an Esthetician. I want to help her to have the best condition, better complexion and absolutely No bloated face from lack of sleep. Face massage can help these problem a lot. Maybe I would post some tips of how to massage later when I have time.



    I made “Nabe(Hot Pot)” for dinner. For Nabe, you can throw anything you want. Meat, fish, vegetables, tofu, etc… I put Napa cabbage, shitake mushroom, pork meatball, water spinach, tofu and scallion. Forgot to add Tilapia… I think it’s like a stew for western people. When you have a bunch of stuff in a fridge and you need to cook them as soon as possible, you put all you have into a big pot with soup stock. No??


    It looks a mess… However, more stuff, more flavor. I don’t care about look for Nabe.

    Gochisousama deshita! 🙂

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    Healthy or Unhealthy ??

    Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken!!! Yes!!
    I love fried chicken so much. I know it’s not healthy. But it’s universal understanding that Bad thing is tasty…  Sometimes you need a release from your HEALTHY meal. Your mental craves Junk,fried stuff or other unhealthy food.
    At least, I try to make it healthier… I gave the chicken thighs salty-spiced bath from morning to evening, and gave a layer of coat with milk and whole wheat flour. Deep fry them in fresh olive oil. Very simple, southern style fried chicken. A lot healthier than KFC or Popeye, I believe.

    Fried Chicken Thigh with Vegetables.

    For the side, I prepared boiled corn, asparagus, carrots and Salad. I should’ve made cole slow for the real southern style, but my hubby doesn’t like mayo either vinegar that much, so I barely make it.

    Cream of Spinach soup

    So we started Non carb dinner from yesterday. For most of Asian people, especially for native Asians, Carb(Rice) is very important part of meal. If you skip a bowl of rice, it’s difficult to be satisfied or full. Also Japanese food is high in sodium. Yes, this is true. So if I keep eating Japanese food without rice, it’d be dangerous.

    Compare to Japanese food, Western food is mush easier to manage the salt consumption. I think my dining will be more westernized from now. One plate dinner is easier and quicker to make.

    Not forgetting about Today’s Bento

    Bento of April 16th
    Stir fried Bean Vermicelli and some leftover.
    Gochisousama deshita! 🙂

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